Brian Anderson

Vice President and CIO

Brian's career in Information Technology started at age 10 when he created an AppleWorks program to track his father's college students' grades. Before coming to Eberle Associates, Brian coordinated the installation and launch of State Central Credit Union's home banking system. During his years at Eberle Associates, Brian has continually improved the way Eberle Associates uses technology to serve its clients and their donors. Brian is responsible for the development of the Intranet that has helped to make the fund raising process of Eberle Associates run smoothly. He is also the driving force behind the Client Extranet that makes it possible for Eberle Associates clients to be fully informed and to make maximum effective use of the donor base developed on their behalf.

Brian holds a Master of Science in Marketing Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a degree in Chemistry from Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Brian lives in Washington, D.C. In his free time, Brian enjoys traveling to Europe and exploring the historical neighborhoods of D.C.

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