Christopher Wogan

Digital Fundraising Team Leader

Along with years of experience in fundraising and politics, Christopher brings passion, creativity, and positivity to everything he does.  

Christopher received a BA in Political Science from Valdosta State University.  In college, he was President of the Political Science Club, member of the Model Senate, and member of both the College Republicans and College Democrats (he enjoyed the debates).  In his spare time, he also created and managed several concurrent fundraising campaigns for multiple nonprofit organizations.  

His passion for politics caught the eye of fundraising consultants within the liberty movement, who offered him an online fundraising position.  Shortly afterwards, he assumed management of the fundraising campaigns for RandPAC, Rand Paul 2016, and Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, among others.  His role in this company provided a unique background and extensive online fundraising expertise.  

Christopher joined our team in 2014 as an Online Fundraising Manager, expanding our online fundraising efforts to many new platforms.   In 2017, he earned a Silver Pollie Award for Direct Mail Fundraising.   

A proud native of Pensacola, Florida, Christopher currently lives in Occoquan, Virginia with his amazing wife, Erica.

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