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Teamwork: Eberle Associates is a team of passionate professionals.

Our agency does not work for clients that we are not passionate about. In fact, our copywriters select the clients they want to work with. No passion? No client! Passion is key to success.

As a client you will always be in control of your direct mail campaign. Your primary contact at Eberle Associates will be your Account Executive and Copywriter. From getting into the mail to analyzing results there will be many team members behind the scenes managing your program. Nothing will be left to chance.

Utilizing our one-of-a-kind Client Extranet, you will see what we see when analyzing results and making recommendations to you on building your supporter base and maximizing your net income.

Our Process

Concept & Approach

Your Account Executive / Copywriter brainstorms with you to identify a concept and approach for your direct mail package that will resonate with your target audience. Once you agree on the concept and approach, we will draft copy and submit it for your edits and approval. Your Account Executive / Copywriter will also recommend design and marketing techniques to help your fundraising package stand out in the mail and improve results.

Package Design

As a member of your team, your Production Coordinator will turn your concept into a mailable direct mail package. He or she will utilize graphics, apply proven direct mail techniques and meet USPS mailing regulations. The Production Coordinator is responsible for selecting the right vendors to handle your mailer and minimizing the cost of each direct mail package. Once the package art is produced, you will be asked for final edits and approval before printing and dropping into the mail stream.

Results & Analytics

Your team monitors your direct mail package from the time it mails until the last dollar is deposited into your direct mail account. The revenue, cost, and delivery time of each direct mail package is tracked and displayed in the Client Extranet. The results of each package are analyzed by your team and recommendations are made to refine package design, copy, and techniques when necessary.

Payment of Invoices

After the letters are mailed to the prospective donors, the printer, mail shop, and other vendors, including Eberle Associates, submit their invoices for review of accuracy and your approval. Approved invoices are processed for payment from the client's direct mail account.

Money for Your Mission

The net proceeds of your direct mail program flow from your direct mail account to your operating account.

Eberle Associates is not only a great direct mail fund raising agency, they are also the leaders in coupling technology with creativity to maximize the number of supporters and net income for our non-profit. We are fortunate to have the talented professionals at Eberle Associates working on our behalf.
— Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, President, Pray in Jesus Name Ministries

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